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meowmekittan's Journal

Hello Misters and Missys. My nickname is An. You only get to use my real name if you know me in person. So people on the net will not know my real name. Haha I win!!! Bwahahaha! You can pretty much say I will get along with any person there ever is/was/will be. I'm just totally awesomeness like that cha! I don't like uberly imature people though so I say bye bye to you. So yeah...that's me. Want to know more??? Just say so. Duh!!!

Hm what to say about teh Onee-chan... Yes, as you said before you can tend to be a little bit aggravating to the point even Sei-chan threatens to beat you with a paper fan Sanzo style (I need to make a comic of that XD) but you left out a lot of your good qualities too during your rant. You can be very kind and caring towards your friends and you worry a lot about us. It's not exactly typical "worry", more like near panic attack with anxiety OH-MY-GOD-THE-WORLD-IS-ENDING kind of worry. Um, what else... You always want to be there for us and when you can't you get very sad. If something is wrong or if one of us is upset or angry you try your best to cheer us up and make us happy even if you get snapped at in the process, it eventually calms us down. You're fun and hyperactive. Way over protective XD. Over all you just want everyone to be happy. XD I think eccentric is the best way to describe you. But you tend to keep a lot of things to yourself and hide behind smiles you don't really mean to show everyone your happy when you really aren't and no one else besides us (especially me) know when you do. Mostly because I've known you for six almost seven years. Either way, you may be short(haha), you may get on my nerves sometimes, and we might argue sometimes, but that's what sisters do. ^_^ And you're meh Onee-chan. And since your my Onee-chan that means I am just as protective over you, too.
Sei-chan and I are her personal bodyguards. Mess with her and you'll have to deal with an explosive loving torture crazed psychopath and a weapon obsessed country girl whom both have Law Enforcement backgrounds to deal with (and God forbid if we're tea deprived). I don't think you'd want that. Hurt this girl and we'll hurt you <3. たくさん 愛