Been a while since I posted

I moved to Louisiana when my sister went back so I'm living in her house taking care of the kids as she is deployed to Kuwait.  She'll be back January or something.  In the meantime I'm raising money to move to Texas and get an apartment with Troy.  I just got a job at Toys R Us to do so.  Troy and I are fine.  Of course he gets upset every now and then.  I think he'll do better once I'm there with him.  So I'm raising the money and we're going to move into an apartment once I get there.  We have our eyes on this one called Walnut Ridge.  It's very beautiful and has so many features.  I can't wait to get there, but I gotta work hard to do it.  I'm doing what I can and I'll soon be there to ease his mind. 
So anyway my brother in law is still an ass hole.  I've been living with him since the middle of June and he pisses me off once in a while.  I dunno what his deal is, but he has a habit of trying to make me feel guilty for not wanting to hang out or talk with him when he gets all depressive.  It's not my damn fault my sister is overseas.  Hell I'm dealing with my own issues of not being able to be near Troy.  I'm just happy I'm now only 7 hours away compared to the earlier 21 hours. 
Now ok other than that my phone screen is cracked and I have a kitty named Mikey that I hope to introduce to Milo so I can keep them both.  They look like twins.  So yeah that's my life as of now.  I'm concentrating on getting to Troy.  My mum knows this and approves.  Oh right they got me a new car too, but haven't sent it to me yet.  Anyway when I get to Texas I hope to transfer to a Toys R Us over there and get into a nursing program.  I really want to get back into college.  So these are my goals and I won't change them. :p  tata for now

coffee and liquor

My brother in law is drunk.  And he's pissing me off.  He's making no sense.  He's yelling at my sister saying if she quits coffee he'll quit drinking.  O.o he's flippin out over coffee!  WTH.  Yeah I just woke up from a nap.  I passed out when I got home from Olive Garden today.  And we went to the zoo.  I took so many pictures!  Not all of them are very good though because it's the camera on my phone.  Anyway I had lots of fun today and tomorrow we're going to Carowinds.  Yaaay.  Vacation...while at home.  :p


My older sister, her two kids, and husband are visiting for a week or so.  I love my family very much and I'm big on familyness.  Which is why I really wish Troy were here to enjoy this.  He doesn't  celebrate holidays or anything.  No familyness for him.  He'd have fun and I'd have this warm feeling.  You know that feeling you're so happy you wanna cry?  But he's not here.  The closest I can get to that is webcam.  Through that he's met everyone except my dad and brother in law.  So yeah our plans for their visit.  The zoo of course and Carrowinds.  We can also go to Swan lake and Myrtle beach.  Other than that it's just chillin at the house and swimming.  Too bad they're leaving before my birthday though.  Oh well not like I'm excited for my birthday to come.  Well there is my update.

first post

I look the same as I did when I was 14.  Everyone else has changed and moved on.  They have jobs and some are in college in other states or countries.  I was left behind in little Sumter South Carolina.  I'm in college yeah, but things aren't going so great.  I flunked two classes and lost my job.  Someone I so dearly love has died.  I'm still occasionally threatened to be kicked out of my parents house.  I'm trying to get out of here.  I need a job first.  I also want to bring my gpa up in college.  I want to move to Florida with Troy.  Troy is one of my very best friends and a guy that I've fallen for.  I've had feelings for him for about a year now though I have tried to suppress them due to our group of friends disproving.  These feelings won't go away though and so I cannot ignore them.  He makes me mad often, but I can never stay mad.  I make him upset often and he can stay upset longer than I can stay mad.  It's never really my fault though.  He just reads too much into things.  He thinks too much, but that's one of the qualities I love about him.  I could go on and on with the reasons I can't get him out of my head, but I'll stop there.  I dun wanna lose him.  I can't lose him.  It would hurt too much.  Nothing is working for me other than him.  He's how I keep my head above the water.  I'll crumble and fall.  I'm sure I'd be able to get back up eventually, but I dun want my heart broken again.  I trust him.  So I know he won't break it.